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Hi, I'm Brittany!  I'm so glad you found my no taboos phone sex website! 

Let me tell you a little bit about myself (and you can read lots more in my naughty blog, too!).  As you can see, I am a young, blonde and very naughty girl.  I am old enough to know what I like, but young enough that I am still learning about men and sex and all of the dirty things that you boys like!  I am open to ANYTHING and I guess I am what you call a NO TABOOS phonesex girl because I will seriously talk about and try anything with you.  Yes, anything!!

I have already had some pretty kinky phonesex calls and I have to say I really like those!   I have a very young voice and one of my personal favorites is having daddy's little girl phone sex with all the naughty daddies I can.  I am very convincing at all ages age play and have no problem with doing the really young roleplays for your extreme ageplay fantasies.  I am a great girl next door, an irresistable teenage babysitter, a very naughty school girl, a kinky sister, a curious cousin, a wicked stepdaughter - anything! 

Another thing I have discovered is that I am pretty horny all the time and talking to you guys keeps me wet and wanting more.  I do like all the kinky stuff but I'm also always ready to rub my clit and masturbate and cum with you if you just have time for a quickie phone sex call or are just looking for a horny girl to spend time with, so by all means give me a call when you need a phone sex playmate to make you cum hard! 
Now, let me also tell you I have already wrapped some of you around my little finger and I am enjoying being your phone sex girlfriend (GFE) and getting to know each other and all of that good stuff.  I am available a lot, so if you are the sweetheart kind of guy that needs a girl that you can reach pretty much anytime, then I'm your girl.  I am very easy to talk to and can carry on a conversation about most things - well, except maybe not rocket science or physics or whatever, but you know what I mean! 

Yes, I can be a very sweet girlie girl, but I can also be a bratty teen princess that requires much attention and lots of spoiling.  I love to be spoiled and nothing makes me happier than having something arrive from my WISH LIST.  I am not kidding!  It really makes me so happy to know that you guys love me as much as I love you and want to keep me happy and well taken care of!  I am pretty easy to please, but I am not above pouting or whining or teasing and demanding if that's what it takes to get the things I want.  I made it very easy for you too with lots of selections because I know men sometimes have a hard time shopping for their special girl .

I guess that's enough for now - time for you to stop reading and start dialing!  Call and reach me directly and see if you can catch me misbehaving!  Odds are you probably can! 

Oh, and don't forget to check out my blog on a regular basis - maybe if you're lucky you'll even get an entry dedicated to one of our phone sex calls or definitely a thank you entry when you spoil me.  Don't worry, I'll give you a super secret nickname that only we know! 

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